Inequalities with Beautiful Solutions (ebook)

119,05 Lei (TVA inclus)

Autori: V. Cirtoaje, V.Q.B. Can, T.Q. Anh

ISBN: 978-606-500-026-1

Pagini: 332

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“Let solutions say the method!” is the way this book is written. Readers don't find here the entire theory, strong theorems as well as detailed explanation of the methods. But you can find here a lot of beautiful problems with beautiful solutions. Most of these solutions are simple and elementary, the authors try to avoid as much as possible of using advanced methods of proving inequalities. The main weapons here are skilful technics of handling with algebraic expressions and virtuous applications of classical inequalities. It makes the book more romantic rather than academic. And even a student of 8th, 9th grade can read most of the content of this book.


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