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169 Interesting Math Problems (ebook)

102,86 Lei (TVA inclus)

Autor: T. N. Dung

ISBN: 978-606-500-164-0

Pagini: 163

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This book is a collection of non-standard mathematics problems that require as much knowledge as a sixth-grader to solve, apart from some geometry problems and math proofs. However, for many types of math problems, there is no only method to solve it. Analysis, critical understanding and the ability to use ones knowledge appropriately is the key to solving problems in mathematics.

For these reasons, 169 Interesting Math Problems (1st edition) is a useful book for those who want to improve their mathematical abilities as well as critical thinking. At the same time, fun and practical issues are also raised in this book, making it a good form of entertainment for Math-lovers altogether, students and parents alike. Imagine daily life in your family, where parents and children discuss a fun math problem over the dinner table. Now what could be more relaxing and helpful than that!


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